Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Marcelo Burlon is a designer from Milan although I hear he doesn't like to call himself a designer as such. He seems to have a few too many creative talents to fit into just one box. He's made music, created videos, been a model, editor and stylist as well as doing the designing thing. His designs though, are what made us notice him! This is one big label love! 

His Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Collection named Marcelo Burlon : Country of Milan, focuses mainly on T-shirts and sweaters but there are some scarves, jackets and bottoms in there too. Burlon has a very distinctive style and collaborated with designer Giorgio Di Salvo to create the unique graphics. The garments are simple, classic cuts but they have strong pattern and print. There are Patagonian crosses, Argentinean birds, snakes, wolves and bears, bones, I could go on! He says the birds represent freedom so I guess the others could stand for strength? There are no fluffy kittens in this collection!

I love a double print and there's plenty of that here! And I especially like the now signature style of the graphics resting around the neck of the tee's. As your head and neck sit directly above the design it looks like your body is the feathery bird! 

You'll see! Check it out for yourself here and see some examples below. You can find more on our Them daze Facebook page and some menswear there too.


Thursday, 7 August 2014


Last week we got all fancy with a special trip to the London Coliseum to watch the beautiful ballet Coppelia. As usual, the excitement of something creative got the juices flowing and my mind really wondering!

 You can get tickets to see Coppelia here

It's the story of a toymaker (who i hope is just a little bit old and lonely) who wishes nothing more than for the doll he has made to come to life Pinocchio style. Unfortunately for him, he finds himself caught up in the middle of this couples relationship dramas and when he thinks his (sliiiightly creepy) dream is finally realised, it dawns on him that he was just a part of one big wind up! (sorry) He forgives the naughty pranksters and the couple get married and live happily ever after!

On a serious note, it really was stunning. The set design was all enchanting, the costumes were beautiful and the dancing was super doopa mesmerising. Just like you would hope for from this kind of traditional entertainment.
But it did get me thinking about how the world has this fascination with dolls and this mysticalness where they might just come alive. From Toy Story to Missy Elliot dance moves to another classic ballet; The Nutcracker, it did get me thinking why are we so obsessed?

We love doll eyes, dolly birds, dolly dresses, killer doll movies; one of my best Halloween costumes was as an evil dead doll! We love all things dolls! There's even Valeria Lukyanova the human doll! She really loves dolls!

Susan Cooper. Halloween Doll.

Valeria Lukyanova

They make the perfect fashion friendship too. They fit the beauty ideal that the more facial symmetry the more beautiful. They're composed, slim and elegant, never talk or get embarrassed, it makes the idea of a real 'them', the dream clothes horse. Then there is the no personality thing, this can add a nice bit of eeriness. Im sure this is a result of us watching years of horror movies, but the thought that if by some miracle, they did come alive, wouldnt they be all mean and scary because they wouldn't know feeling or empathy. But anyway, this eeriness, I don't believe the fashion world would be opposed to it, its an industry that likes to make a statement after all!

Vogue Spain Jan 2013.

Tim Walker's Mechanical Dolls for Vogue.

Tim Walker for Vogue. The Nutcracker Prince Concept

Italian Vogue. Lindsey Wixson.

I guess ultimately, it just comes down to the simple fact that dolls, barbies etc, are the perfect versions of us! They're toys, things to spark imagination or just look at but they all have one thing in common, they're 'perfect'.
I wont go too deep because this little blog post could easily turn into dissertation proportions but just watch the brilliant Ryan Gosling movie Lars and the Real Girl if you haven't seen it already. It's a nice example of a doll / human relationship...if that's what you'd call it.

And while were talking movies...80's classic Mannequin is amazing!! watch it too!!


Everyones having a go at designing sneakers ATM from high end to high street. Most of the time I am brand loyal to nike and no one else gets a look in.... but Dior have done something pretty special.  Raf Simons has been mixing a drop of sportswear into the last few Dior shows, where the heeled version on my new loves where born-
Its a love or hate it shoe for sure, I kind of feel that its so wrong that its right... its so shiney too....

According to the Dior website this shoe is "The meeting between the urban world and the highly feminine Dior style." thats a pretty big ask... but I kinda think they did it. Now we just need to rob a bank...
Suzie Bubble rocking Dior Fusion Sneakers.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Rowena grew up in London and moved down to Falmouth in Cornwall to pursue her passion for drawing... she talks to us about cats, the sea and her work...

Tell us about your illustration style 
Fluid line drawings documenting people doing everyday things.
'Chatting by the Shore'
You seem to have a real interest in people and interaction between people, what attracts you to someone you want to draw? 
Normally I notice a small gesture or expression, like a tilt of a head as they turn the page of a book. My drawings are very much linked to a sense of place capturing little narratives and idiosyncrasies of people’s behaviour.
'New Mother'
You decided to move out of London to move to Cornwall, how has being out of the city affected your drawing style? 
When I was living and working in London I could never focus on one subject or environment I wanted to draw as I was constantly stimulated with lots of different ideas. I worked as a set dresser for film and theatre spending most of my time running around sourcing props. Being far from the stimulus of the city has forced me to slow down and take time to reflect. Living by the sea and having a ‘local beach’ is something I could never have imagined and as with many artists based in Cornwall I find myself inspired by the lifestyle. I draw best when I’m relaxed and I think the slower pace of life, natural environment and strong sense of community has helped me trust in my own style. I’ve recently moved to a lovely grade 2 listed Cottage in a small harbour town which has so much history, a creative community and a print studio just across the road which I’m looking forward to working in regularly.
Who are your personal favourite illustrators or artists? 
I always look to the drawings of Matisse as art works in their own right; I love how a simple bold curve of his line can perfectly describe a subtle expression. During my MA I discovered Franciscka Themerson whose views on abstract drawing I found very inspiring. I love stories and the graphic novels by Bastien Vives are beautiful and intriguing.
Henri Matisse- Thèmes et Variations 1941
Franciszka Themerson- Atrakcia 1961
Bastien Vives- Polina
And what inspires what you choose to wear? 
For me it’s all about comfort; feeling natural and easy with womanly shapes like high waist jeans and loose tops tucked in. I was a grungie teen and really into recycling old clothes. I can be quite nostalgic with style and love wearing accessories or clothing that I’ve been given by someone special.
Tell us about your outfit. 
We went for a quick morning swim at a beautiful local beach so I threw on some casual fit jeans and loose vest top. I love sea/sky colours so blue denim, blue trainers and fun blue and white striped top, must be something about living by the sea. My favourite earrings - beautiful light hoops on a chain, from my mum from 70s Bali. 

Who's your girl crush at the moment? 
Eva Green – sexy curves, smoky eyes and geeky smile, and Erykah Badu... always so cool!
Eva Green rocking menswear
Erykah Badu for Givenchy
Shoes or trainers? 
Trainers. I do lots of walking, currently blue New Balance, super comfy for coastal paths. 
This summer, you'll be…  
pottering around my walled garden or hanging on a beach.  

With.... mymble (my cat!) and friends 

Drinking.... homemade elderflower cordial drinks.

Listening to.... chilled jazz on hazy summer evenings. 

And talking about.... I’ve got a couple of exhibitions lined up for the summer so most likely drawing and what beach we should go to today! 

Check out my website and if you happen to be in Falmouth pop down for my exhibition on Saturday!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I was in Hong Kong last week and had a couple of hours to spare, so headed to my fave bit of causeway bay-Leighton Road.  This is a great street if you don't have much time and want to see loadsa stuff quick.
1st up Bathing Ape
I'm always ever so slightly confused by this brand, but it seems to strangely make more sense with in an asian market- it feels cooler again hear and has a freshness that I think its started to loose over the years, watch out guys feeling for an Ape revival.  The store mainly all the standard bits they still had some of their Snoopy collab in which was tempting! super cute camo x snoopy prints.
The best thing about Bathing ape is that theres a door threw the top floor in to I.T. which is such an amazing store, the ground floor is mainly a space for showcasing new stuff and the top floor is a mix of high end labels, its the middle floor thats the exciting one for me. It has an eclectic mix of streetwear.  I literally spent an hour in hear and could have done longer, when its rainy thundery HK weather malls are the place to be and this is the best one...
Check out my fave 3 brands they carry... I love their own brand Katie Judith...
Super cute Korean label ROCKET X LUNCH
And another IT in house special mini cream which is on the good side of 90s crazy... apparently Selfridges is stocking these guys too now!
Then Agnes b sports I recon most of us think of Agnes b as a french very chilled quite chic brand.... but in Asia they have made something a bit special with their sports line- which is definitely worth a looksy... really nice mix of casual sportswear with a lovely good quality, but sadly only in Asia :(((