Friday, 3 January 2014


OK so we are going visit new and old classic pubs in London and review them for your reference…. This is very hard work for us BTW…. haha 
First up Farr’s School of Dancing-
this is a newly refurbished bar/ pub that has recently popped up on Dalston Lane.  Its high competition the beer trade in Dalston now with shit loads of places to choose from.
So will we be going back…. yes I think so, maybe not a regular place to hang out, the space is massive and slightly town hall feeling- as the name suggests this used to be a dance school and still has this echoy spacious vibes.
This would be an idea place to start a birthday party, its just opposite Dalston Junction so all the non east Londoners have no excuse, the decor is a bit on the twee old fashion side of cool for my tastes, but its in no way exceedingly wanky.  There are good local beers and I will repeat bloody loads of space- which means even if you don’t get a seat you can have bit of a run around and a bit of a dance with out being crushed up on someone… a good beginning of the night place.
So the round up