Friday, 3 January 2014


If you visit their website you’ll instantly get a feel for the label, where it comes from and what its saying. Young London vibes, no following trends, The Crickett are kicking them off, and no doubt doing it in a nice pair of Nikes! This is a label that cool east london kids and people in the arty know are going to be all over.
All this in mind, the other week I didnt find myself in a snug Hackney old man pub, but quite the cool contrast, the very trendy London Edition Hotel Basement. And like the location, the line outside said it all, Chris Amfo and his ideas are some to watch.

Chris worked his way up the old fashioned way, working hard and soaking up a lot of experience and fashion knowledge along the way. Last night marked the start of an exciting new designer, who doesnt just pick out a good tune, but a good design too. 
I look forward to whats next, but til then…”stay safe and garmented!”