Tuesday, 25 March 2014


We're lucky to have a load of creative minds around us (and some very fun sounding jobs!) so we thought we'd pick theirs!....

Tell us about your job. 
I work as part of a team who design the layout for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Were given imagery and words separately and its my job to transform that into a feature that somebody would want to read.


How did you get to where you are today?
I've always loved magazines and ever since reading Mizz and Bliss when i was younger I had a feeling I would end up working in magazines somehow.
I loved doing arty stuff so with magazines in mind, graphic design was the obvious uni choice for me.
I hounded so many magazines for work experience getting a placement at Elle which led to a few others and my first paid job was a junior designer at a small company in Shoreditch. I then heard from a friend that Cosmo were looking for a junior designer, went for it, and somehow got it and have been lucky enough to progress to senior designer level.

Whats the best thing about your job?
Theres a real buzz around what we do and everyone brings something different. I love being able to work with beautiful fashion photography.

Who are your personal favourite photographers?
I like Ellen Von Unwerth

Annie Leibovitz 

and Patrick Demarchelier

And what inspires what you choose to wear?
I'm really into street wear and the culture that it comes from. I'd definitely say that my love of hip hop has had an influence on the way I dress. I like to keep it feminine. I love to do my nails and pile on the sparkly jewellery, I think that cancels out the risk of looking boy'ie. 

Tell us about your outfit.
Sportswear's quite big at the moment so I girl'd up my tracksuit bottoms with ballet pumps, lipstick and something thats a bit more fitted for the top.

Who's your girl crush at the moment?
Iggy Azalea. It's taken me a while to make up my mind about her, but a couple of her most recent videos have won me over. Her look's really interesting and fresh and i'm a little bit jealous of her face.

Where do you like to shop?
You can always rely on H&M and Urban Outfitters, I also like the occasional investment piece like a Michael Kors bag, but some of my favourites were found on girly trips to the U.S. We found some pretty good vintage shops; Beacons Closet in Brooklyn and flea markets off Melrose in L.A. I got a necklace thats an actual monkey nut dipped in 24carat gold on a chain.

So your into unusual jewellery?
Yeah, pretty much obsessed. I like things that are a bit silly. I like to have fun with it.....but it has to be gold....and there has to be lots of it.

Shoes or trainers?
Trainers all day!

This summer, you'll be at....
Rockwell House roof top....... http://www.rockwellhouse.co/
My best girl mates
vodka lemonade and lime
Listening to....
Youths Dem Cold-Richie Spice (Summer vibes)
And talking about....
What fun were ganna have at Them Daze nights

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