Tuesday, 18 March 2014


So I know its an obvious one but the 1993 movie True Romance's Alabama Worley has to be my timeless and ultimate girl crush. She's so cool, she's so cool, she's so cool!

I really couldn't care if neon, leopard or see-through tops with bright coloured bras are "out" Alabama can do no wrong, I know a lot of girls would agree! Even her chilled look is strong...Big leopard jacket, hoodie, baggy rolled up jeans and converse. Hot!

I love her love of  animal print (and many different animals!), big/tacky accessories, colour, texture and metallic. She makes outfits fun (she probably got her glasses at a joke shop - i got a necklace i wear all the time from one!ha!) and its just all round super happy vibes to look at her!