Friday, 11 April 2014


A bit of girl power for a Friday afternoon..... So I was reading Vogue earlier... and by reading I actually mean reading (not just flicking through looking at the pretty pictures imagining myself with enough money to buy a beautiful bag) Chloe Fox's article 'The Great British Model'.  Its a really interesting piece looking at models who have become super and why... She suggests that British models more than any other country have personality's that set them apart from being just another pretty face to becoming an icon, a celeb and a real person.
Eddie Cambell picked up model of the year last year and she lives up to the quirky Brit model style, don't get me wrong she is bloody beautiful but its the way that she can transform herself into all different personality's and make us believe them all that makes her special...
It's a really fun article and does make you think.... 'you don't book an English girl because she's commercial, you book her for her personality' says the booking editor at Vogue. 
Tim Walker kinda sums it up... 'Don't forget that the girls we now think of as great beauties were once considered freaks.  People were laughing at Karen Elson in the studio because she looked like an alien...
Kate Moss was a skinny 5ft 7in waif no one had seen the likes of before
Stella Tennant had a nose ring and a shaved head
Sophie Dahl was plus sized
And that is what the United Kingdom has always done so brilliantly.  Because we are an island, a punk nation, we are constantly challenging accepted notions of beauty.  Beauty without personality is not beautiful"  GO TIM what a nice sounding man! It is so true though there's a bit in the article where Twiggy who is now a judge on Americas next top model explains how the prettiest girls in the room the ones at first your sure are going to win go straight out if they are boring with no vibes as it shines through on the camera.

And lets not forget it girl of the moment Cara Delevingne....

Yes she is beautiful, but why is she everywhere all the time.... because she's a personality she doesn't really seem to give a fuck
and because her and Rhi Rhi seem to actually genuinely be bessie mates
And if you hate her its because your jealous ;)