Friday, 9 May 2014


I am so in love with the Adidas EQT racer trainers. I need these in my life!...but for racing? um, no. To show off my many cute frilly girl socks? Ha! Yes! 

I'm not really sure where to start with my excitement over these trainers. The first thing to jump out at me was obviously the amount of mesh. Not only does it make these the perfect breathable summer sneaker but the very clever promo pic of a girl wearing these to show off her nice socks did to me, what I imagine it will do to many others, and made me think, I have those socks! And look how hot they look with those trainers! The only other time i get to show off my array of super cute socks is when I've got home, kicked off my shoes and my housemate spots them while I'm doing the washing up! 

So, moving on from the sock excitement. I love the design of the shoe too. The little lace up is like school shoes, super cute with the cut out. But lets not forget that these are a trainer. With all the clear give-away's like that they're white, they have sporty laces, stripes, mesh, padding for comfort and that the cut outs are graphic; as much as I may rave about their cuteness, they remain sporty. Like a nice retro tennis trainer. 

They look good on boys too....

And there's a couple of colour ways to choose from.

Black with nice tights? Carnival vibes!

Trainer winner!