Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I was in Hong Kong last week and had a couple of hours to spare, so headed to my fave bit of causeway bay-Leighton Road.  This is a great street if you don't have much time and want to see loadsa stuff quick.
1st up Bathing Ape
I'm always ever so slightly confused by this brand, but it seems to strangely make more sense with in an asian market- it feels cooler again hear and has a freshness that I think its started to loose over the years, watch out guys feeling for an Ape revival.  The store mainly all the standard bits they still had some of their Snoopy collab in which was tempting! super cute camo x snoopy prints.
The best thing about Bathing ape is that theres a door threw the top floor in to I.T. which is such an amazing store, the ground floor is mainly a space for showcasing new stuff and the top floor is a mix of high end labels, its the middle floor thats the exciting one for me. It has an eclectic mix of streetwear.  I literally spent an hour in hear and could have done longer, when its rainy thundery HK weather malls are the place to be and this is the best one...
Check out my fave 3 brands they carry... I love their own brand Katie Judith...
Super cute Korean label ROCKET X LUNCH
And another IT in house special mini cream which is on the good side of 90s crazy... apparently Selfridges is stocking these guys too now!
Then Agnes b sports I recon most of us think of Agnes b as a french very chilled quite chic brand.... but in Asia they have made something a bit special with their sports line- which is definitely worth a looksy... really nice mix of casual sportswear with a lovely good quality, but sadly only in Asia :(((