Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Marcelo Burlon is a designer from Milan although I hear he doesn't like to call himself a designer as such. He seems to have a few too many creative talents to fit into just one box. He's made music, created videos, been a model, editor and stylist as well as doing the designing thing. His designs though, are what made us notice him! This is one big label love! 

His Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Collection named Marcelo Burlon : Country of Milan, focuses mainly on T-shirts and sweaters but there are some scarves, jackets and bottoms in there too. Burlon has a very distinctive style and collaborated with designer Giorgio Di Salvo to create the unique graphics. The garments are simple, classic cuts but they have strong pattern and print. There are Patagonian crosses, Argentinean birds, snakes, wolves and bears, bones, I could go on! He says the birds represent freedom so I guess the others could stand for strength? There are no fluffy kittens in this collection!

I love a double print and there's plenty of that here! And I especially like the now signature style of the graphics resting around the neck of the tee's. As your head and neck sit directly above the design it looks like your body is the feathery bird! 

You'll see! Check it out for yourself here and see some examples below. You can find more on our Them daze Facebook page and some menswear there too.